Southern Shores Pool and Spa Service

Pool and hot tub cleaning, maintenance, and repairs

We service private homes, locally managed rental properties, and VRBO / Airbnb rentals.

Our Services:

  • Twice weekly stops
  • Vacuum pool and hot tub
  • Skim water surface
  • Empty skimmer/pump baskets
  • Brush pool walls and tiles
  • Test and adjust chemicals
  • Fill water to correct level
  • Check equipment operation
  • Ensure your pool is spotless
  • Straighten pool deck furniture
  • Blow off pool deck

Southern Shores is an awesome place to vacation, retire, raise a family… you name it! The town has everything you might need and more: quiet beaches, secluded boating spots, private tennis courts and playgrounds, a country club... etc. As a longtime resident of the Outer Banks, I’m still discovering things that I love about this place.

As you might expect, the mild shoulder seasons and hot, breezy Summers make Southern Shores an ideal place to own a pool. When the ocean is unswimmable or the family needs a change of pace, vacationers and local residents appreciate having a pool or hot tub. That's why many of the homes in this area come with this amenity.

VRBO reports 999 vacation rentals in Southern Shores with a pool amenity, while Zillow reports 232 recently sold homes have a pool. As the demand for qualified and dependable pool cleaners continues, Balanced pH is here to make sure that (unlike us) cleaning your pool doesn’t become a full time job.


We are highly qualified in opening and closing pools, balancing chemicals, and performing all the laborious tasks that are required to keep your water quality and equipment in excellent condition.


We understand the investment you have made to become a pool owner and take our work seriously. We know that your family, guests, and renters are counting on us to make their experience a positive one.


Give us a call anytime. Whether you need occasional minor repairs or weekly pool maintenance, we are here to help!