Kill Devil Hills Pool Service Company

Pool and hot tub year-round maintenance and repairs

We service private homes, locally managed rental properties, and VRBO / Airbnb rentals.

Cleaning Services

  • Twice weekly stops
  • Vacuum pool and hot tub
  • Skim water surface
  • Empty skimmer/pump baskets
  • Brush pool walls and tiles
  • Test and adjust chemicals
  • Fill water to correct level
  • Check equipment operation
  • Ensure your pool is spotless
  • Straighten pool deck furniture
  • Blow off pool deck

Kill Devil Hills is centrally located among the Outer Banks Northern beaches and is the most populated town in Dare County. Kill Devil Hills is known for the Wright Brothers Memorial, Nags Head Woods Preserve, Avalon Fishing Pier, 29 public beach accesses, four estuarine accesses, and tons of local restaurants and retail businesses. Finding a vacation home with a private pool is easy as there are more than 1,100 options to choose from (according to VRBO).

The Dilemma for Pool Owners

There is something uniquely gratifying about arriving home to a picturesque, immaculate swimming pool in your own backyard. The dilemma for many pool owners is how to keep their pool in tip-top shape. While the process isn’t too difficult, it can be physically draining and time-consuming. That’s why many pool owners opt to hire a pool cleaner to come in at scheduled times and maintain their pool.

How to Find a Good Pool Service Company

Is the business registered in the state of North Carolina?

Pool cleaning businesses that focus solely on water treatment are generally not subject to industry specific licensure requirements. However, you'll want to be sure they have registered their business with the secretary of state because it shows they are legitimate.

Does the pool service company maintain Liability Insurance?

It’s a no-brainer to carry liability insurance. Be certain that the company you are hiring is insured because it shows they are smart and professional.

Does the pool service company maintain workers comp insurance?

Again, this is a great indicator that the pool company is dedicated to their profession and will care for their employees in case of an accident.

Does the pool service company have enough experience?

The basis of all education is to learn by doing. Has the pool company acquired enough real-life experience? Hiring an experienced pool company will save you a lot of money and headache.

Does the pool service company have backup technicians?

No matter how wonderful your pool service is, human error and mechanical problems are inevitable. What will happen in the case of an urgent problem with the pool? How quickly can the company respond to emergencies?

Does your pool cleaner do repairs?

It’s convenient if you can keep smaller repairs in-house. The pool company will already be familiar with your system and can help you troubleshoot any issues. There is a level of trust that is earned and therefore, your pool company can recommend the most logical and affordable repair options.

Are the employees friendly?

The last thing you need is a rude pool cleaner because you and your guests will interact with this person quite frequently. Look for a pool company that values communication so that you can have open discussions about the quality of service and repairs.